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24 Hours of Deep State Madness

Somber but Resolute American Flag.
Somber but Resolute American Flag. (Photo courtesy Joshua Hoehne unsplash.com)

– Attacks will intensify #1438

In 24 hours it seems deep state insanity has broken loose, and attacks with references to #Qanon are everywhere.

It all started with the most recent drops, calling out the Clinton Foundation with the human trafficking hotline. They couldn’t have been too happy to see that.

Cue massive deep state hysteria:

1. Suddenly, Q’s tripcode is hacked, and a message sent to anons from NOT Q.

2. Alaska Airlines plane Q400 is hijacked from Seatac and F-15s are scrambled to intercept.

3. A man is found dead from apparent overdose in Trump Tower.

4. A suspicious package from NASA falls from the sky in NJ, with a note about Trump.

4. The alleged arsonist who started the Massive CA #holyfire calls it all a lie, and has is arraignment postponed to August 17th, 17th!!!

A lot is going on out there. STAY STRONG.

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