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The American Flag is a “Symbol Of Hate”

Image Credits screenshot Justin Shroeder Facebook

Justin Schroeder, 36, of Bozeman, MT – A United States Air Force veteran, came home to find a note on his door. It was from an anonymous, liberal, Trump hating, neighbor.  The note demanded he take down the American flag because it is a “symbol of hate!”

Where did the left go wrong? How wrong it has gone?

“I’ve met some stupid people in my lifetime, but this takes the cake” said Justin Schroder of the socialist that left the note.

In response, Justin moved the flag 10 feet higher.

Has has received death threats, and support.

Sorry Dems, you don’t get the freedom of speech to tell someone to remove the GREATEST SYMBOL OF PEACE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOW, YOU JUST DON’T!


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