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Are Americans Better Of Now?

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Are Americans Better Of Now?

As the midterm elections grow near, the question many Americans will ask themselves; Am I better off now then I was two years ago or pre trump. This question can be broken down into three different categories.

  • Stronger Economy
  • Safer Neighborhoods
  • Stronger Military


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The economy is booming and is showing no signs of letting up. According to U.S. economic data over 3.7 million jobs have been created since 2016. Job openings are at an all time high. Consumer confidence is on the rise.  Even wages are climbing. Question number 1 for most Americans is an astounding yes.


According to House Appropriations, under the leadership of the GOP, the government has invested over 4 Billion$ to fight the opioid epidemic.  Trump is trying to bring the death penalty to drug users. Over 2 Billion$ have been allocated to help make our schools safer and fix exiting laws for buying firearms. Human trafficking arrest over the past two years has skyrocketed. (This heinous crime can not be underestimated)   The over crime rate was down 2.7% in 2017. Last but not least there has been an effort to remove the vicious ms13 gang off our streets. Most Americans can say they are safer now.



ISIS? What’s ISIS? It was a legitimate fear of nearly every American before 2016. That they or someone they knew would be attacked by an ISIS terrorist. Now they are almost a distant memory. North Korea was going wild with rhetoric and missile launches putting fear into most every American child of nuclear war. Now they’re not launching anymore missiles and taking steps to dismantle their nukes. Pay has been increased 2.4% across the armed forces, the first since 2010.  A staggering amount of money is also being spent on new equipment and weapons. Another easy answer, YES we have a stronger military now.

Ask yourself. Are you better off now?

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