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Did Peter Strzok Make A Deal?

House Strzok Hearing

Ourguy has obtained information, from an unnamed source with access to high level security information, that Peter Strzok has made a deal and is now cooperating with Utah US attorney John Huber. John Huber and his team, which consist of over 470 people, are investigating claims of FBI misconduct.

While many Americans have been calling for a separate second council to investigate the Hillary/Obama/FBI misconduct, AG Sessions took a more direct approach by appointing Huber. Huber, with his access to the DOJ, has much more freedom and resources at his disposal then a special council does. Huber has on his plate, but not limited to, the Uranium 1 deal, why did the Obama administration not try to stop Russian attacks on our voting systems, and what happened in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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