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Islamic Terrorists Placing Politicians In Our Government?

It looks as though Islamic Terrorist are now using our own system of elected politicians as a weapon against us. Are the Islamic terrorists placing politicians in places of power through the Democrat party? Are the Islamic terrorist are infiltrating our government and using it as a weapon against us?

There is a massive influx of Muslim refugees into Michigan. Over 140 mosques in Michigan. Muslims believe Mosques are the head of the government and the Sharia law is the law of the land. Are they establishing a beachhead in Michigan?

Thier first step is to abolish ICE, so they can get more Islamic terrorist into our country. Are the leaders of the democrat party are backing these terror-friendly candidates? If so then why? If not then why are they letting them run as Democrats?

They then want to replace the constitution of the united states with the quran. Imam said, “It is my duty to replace the US Constitution with the quran.”   The only victory for these extremists is to rid the world of all non-Muslims.

We are at War. The Islamic terrorist hasn’t forgotten, but it appears we have.

According to Laura Loomer “Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist. El-Sayed is a Sharia-compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.”

Watch the mindblowing videos below:


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