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Russia Didn’t Do It! Trump Says

Image Credits Screenshot Whithouse.gov

In a press conference today, after meeting President Putin In Finland, Trump says Russia didn’t do it. Members from both parties became unhinged that Trump says this after 7 of our intelligence agencies claim it was Russia.

Does Trump Know something they don’t? Does he have the server? Is he so far off to go against intelligence agencies? Do intelligence agencies have a good track record?

They missed 9/11, the worst attack on Americans in the history of this country. They lead us to war with Iraq claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  Over 500,000 lives have been claimed from the Iraq War! 500,000! From bad intelligence!  Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bay of Pigs, School shootings, and so on and so on.

Are the Intelligence agencies all of the sudden perfect because the left hates Trump?

As Americans we should know better than to trust SPIES! We should know better by now.

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